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Augusta Community Center

Augusta Community Center is a non-profit organization that supports the residents of our manufactured housing communities by promoting social welfare through community-based activities. Our resident services strategy is to offer programming that focuses on the following four interconnected pillars. It takes more than just quality housing to help communities succeed.

The Youth Leadership Internship Program was developed for resident high school junior and senior students who are interested in developing skills to become leaders. It is an eleven-month program that serves the unique need of focusing youth energies on positive activities. Students in the program will be exposed to information, presentations, and activities that will nurture their leadership potentials. This will lead to increased self-efficacy and will hone their decision-making, job skills, leadership skills, and ability to work well with others, which will help prepare teens for their future in life, higher education, and the workforce. 

Applying is simple! Visit and fill out the short application - that's it! Applications will be accepted through August 13th, 2021. Apply now!

Academic Enrichment

We strive to provide academically enriching opportunities for the residents of our parks in order to support educational and vocational goals and provide tools to inspire a desire to learn. 

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Community Building

The Community Building segment of our organization will focus on increasing resident involvement by promoting community events and programs inside and outside the park. By offering our residents opportunities to give back and participate within their community, they will get to know their neighbors and our staff better while achieving a mutual spirit of pride and belonging. 

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Health & Wellness

In order to provide opportunities for residents to strengthen their physical and mental well-being, we provide programming such as periodic fitness class series and events, community clean-ups, and health fairs.

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Resident Relations

Resident relations foster neighborhood camaraderie and a spirit of pride and belonging.  ACC hosts a resident meeting in each park two times a year.  

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