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Frequently Asked Questions

   What is Augusta Communities?                                                                                                     

Augusta Communities is a 501(c)3 non-profit housing organization that owns and operates mobilehome communities. Augusta Communities was established to provide affordable housing solutions. Unlike for-profit owners, Augusta Communities does not make rent, maintenance, capital improvement or other ownership decisions based on optimizing profits. We make these decisions based on how we can make our communities cleaner, more stable, and enjoyable places to live, while keeping our focus on affordability.


   Do I need to apply to live in your community?                                                                              

Most residents in our communities own their homes and pay rent to Augusta for their space. Only a few homes are available for rent. Before you buy a home in one of our communities, it is important for you to call the office and speak to the community manager. The community manager will share information about your obligations and responsibilities as a homeowner in our community and provide you with a space rental application. The park’s application process is mandatory and potential homeowners must be approved for occupancy. It is important to be approved for residency before you buy a home in our park.


   How do I find a home for sale in your communities?                                                                     

When homeowners sell their homes, they often have a real estate agent representing the sale. If you are in the market to buy a mobilehome in one of our communities, you can call the community office and inquire about potential mobilehomes for sale. You can also retain your own real estate agent.  There are also other resources to such as the MLS and that market mobilehomes for sale. 


   Are there any rentals available?                                                                                                    


Valley View and Rancho Robles are the only communities that offer park-owned rental homes. Valley View is a 55+ community. If you are interested in rentals in Valley View or Rancho Robles, please call the Valley View or Rancho Robles offices to get up to the minute information on availability. Link on the Communities button below to find the community you are interested in.  The office numbers are listed on each of the community's webpage.


   What is the cost of space rent?                                                                                                     


Space rent differs for each space and each community. For the most up-to-date space rent, please inquire with the community offices.  


For any other questions you may have, please contact park offices directly. 

For the latest financial information, please contact our corporate office.

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